Your DNA is a Gift
of LIFE, Use It!

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Your DNA is truly a gift!

Your DNA is like your internal “instruction manual”; it holds the instructions for your hair color, your eye color, your skin color and so much more.

The information of your LIFE is where we find our Gift of Life. Packed neatly together, here lies the information of how our bodies will process food, vitamins, and YES, medications.

This is the Gift of LIFE! And, it is unpacked by a process called Pharmacogenomics, or, PGx for short.

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What is Pharmacogenomics?

It is the study of how YOUR DNA will affect YOUR RESPONSE to medications.

Pharmacogenomics – combines pharmacology (the science of drugs) and genomics (the study of genes) to personalize YOUR medications to YOUR genetic makeup.

Pharmacogenomics is individualizing medicine


Does “One Drug Fits All” really fit “All”?

Many of us have experienced the current healthcare practice that involves a “One Size Fits All” approach to our healthcare. Whether it is you or one of your loved ones, this is a common trend. But does “One Size Fit All”?

Many medications that are currently provided are prescribed as “one size fits all,” but they don’t work the same way for everyone. It can be difficult to guess who will benefit from a medication, who will not respond at all, and who will experience negative side effects (called adverse drug reactions).

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What is the problem with Adverse Drug Reactions?

Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are the *4th leading cause of death in our country and is one of the most significant causes of hospitalizations in the United States.

  • *Over 2 Million Serious ADR’s Yearly
  • *100,000 Deaths Yearly
  • *350,000 ADR’s Yearly in Nursing Home Patients


ADR’s, often called side effects, are not classified as medical errors, because they occur within the FDA-approved dosage and labeling recommendations however, they are a long-standing and neglected major medical problem in our country.

For example, the recently reported genetically-based problems with Plavix and codeine reported by the FDA are a prime example of specific drugs creating ADR’s.

Every day, new research is discovering how YOUR genes affects YOUR body’s response to medications. These genetic differences are used to predict whether a medication will be effective for you and to help you prevent adverse drug reactions.

Financial Consequences of Adverse Drug Reactions

Additional Financial Consequences:

  • HMOs spend more money treating ADRs than on drugs.
  • ADRs are the cost leader for malpractice payouts.
  • Up to one-third of drug prescriptions are not needed and therefore wasted.

What is the Solution?

It is vital that you and your doctor be aware of how your body personally responds to any medications, even over-the-counter medications and supplements, and, how the various medications respond to each other within your body.

Even your age, including your lifestyle, ethnicity, and previous diagnoses has a bearing on how your body responds to medications. When we put all of these factors together within one test report, the result is a Real-Time, Dynamic, online report that reveals it all.

For the first-time, you and your doctor will be able to view an interactive report.
Your doctor can then, in Real-Time, replace and/or eliminate medications and immediately see any potential problems that may arise from prescribing certain medications even before any prescriptions are written and filled.

NO MORE TRIAL AND ERROR, saving your time, your money, and your LIFE!

The solution is a quick cheek-swab ordered by your doctor. We will assist you and your doctor through the simple process.

Contact us via phone or fill out our form below and we will provide the test kit and paperwork necessary for processing. Call 817.224.2260

What is the Cost?

Historically, insurance companies viewed this test as experimental meaning to have this test completed was thousands of dollars as an out-of-pocket expense.

Most insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid, are beginning to recognize Pharmacogenomics testing as advantageous due to the cost-savings on the prescribing of unnecessary medication, additional medications and many times the cost-savings avoiding Emergency Room visits due to Adverse Drug Reactions.

For those who wish to be tested immediately or who have a plan that does not cover testing, our Self-Pay option is available. Group and Family testing is also available.

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